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Seinfeld is probably one of the most popular sitcoms (or shall I say sitcums) of all time!  Well, now you can have this funny television show XXX style!  Seinfeld: A XXX Parody!  What would it be like if Jerry got it on with Elane?  What if Kramer happens to cum upon a threesome?  Hey! In this version, Jerry’s girlfriend’s breasts are real and spectacular—he can cum on these perfect tits this time!This parody features all of your favorite cast members dirtier than you have ever seen them before!

What can you expect from this one hundred and forty two minute porn film spoofing Seinfeld?  Well, it looks like Kramer tries to make a porn, but he has a hard time working under those conditions!  Jerry tries to discover double penetration, when he can’t even get single penetration down!  Hey don’t forget Jerry is a boob man! He will try to stay abreast of this issue!  Our favorite porn star Ashlynn Brooke stars as “orgasm girl” and she just can’t stop having orgasms—from watching the news to sitting on cock!  This girl can scream!  Jerry isn’t too sure he believes her multiple orgasms, but he enjoys it anyway. Who wouldn’t?  Everyone loves a good screamer!  Elaine gets down and dirty, and George has his fix too!  This all porn star cast features everyone as themselves: Hal Rudnick, James Deen, Eric John, Lee Roy Myers, Steve Pomerants, Kristina Rose, and Tessa Taylor.

Seinfeld: A XXX Parody showcases the hilarious side of porn.  From soft to hard, you will jack off and laugh at the same time!  Watch this parody today!

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